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I Still Love KAT-TUN! (^___^)v

I was KAT-TUN fans when they were still six members. Kazuya Kamenashi, Jin Akanishi, Junnosuke Taguchi, Kouki Tanaka, Tatsuya Ueda and Yuichi Nakamaru. In KAT-TUN, I like Jin Akanishi the most. It's because his voice is really good. He's handsome too, of course. But, I like others too. They have their own skills to make KAT-TUN become one of popular group.

When I red news about Jin Akanishi married, I knew soon or later he'll leaving JE. He got penalties from the agency. And I was right, later then, I red news again that Jin Akanishi and the agency agreed to not renewed the contract. So, Jin Akanishi officially leaving JE and he's no longer KAT-TUN's member. Of course I wasn't surprised at that time. To be honest, part of me was really happy that he'll doing solo. He might reach overseas fans, that was I thought. I was happy not because I don't like Jin Akanishi in KAT-TUN, or because I don't like other KAT-TUN members. I do really like them. I love them six. I really wish Jin Akanishi would be in KAT-TUN. But, who am I to decided that...?!?

Since Jin Akanishi leaving JE and KAT-TUN, I didn't follow any KAT-TUN news and update anymore. I only got info from my friend who is KAT-TUN fans and still follow their update. I had to chose, support Jin Akanishi solo or support KAT-TUN. Well, since Jin Akanishi is my favorite, so I chose to support Jin Akanishi. I couldn't do both. I couldn't afford that. They both waaaayyy to expensive!! Hahahahahaha~~ So, slowy, I started to leave KAT-TUN fandom as well. More focus on updating about Jin Akanishi's news and info.

After Akanishi Jin left, then I red about Kouki Tanaka scandal. OMG!! I was shocked at the news!! Really, Tanaka-kun, what were you thinking..?!? But, I'm not in my capacity to judge anyone. He made mistake, he had to take responsibility of his action. And again, after KAT-TUN lost their one of lead vocalists, then they lost another one potential member, the Rapper, Kouki Tanaka. So sad. It must be hard for them. For KAT-TUN and for Kouki Tanaka himself.

Every time I missed KAT-TUN, I can only listen to their old albums. Or watching their old variety show or DVD concert. Yes, I missed them a lot, and always, six of them, together. I missed duo collaboration Kazuya Kamenashi and Jin Akanishi. I missed duo Rapper and Human Beatbox Kouki Tanaka and Yuichi Nakamaru. I wish they were together again in one group. But, then I realized, there's no way on Earth they would together again. They've chose their path. Now, I just wish them good luck in everything they were doing as long as is positive things to do.

At first, when Jin Akanshi left KAT-TUN, I was thinking, KAT-TUN songs would be different without Jin Akanishi's voice. Moreover, I was thinking, what would KAT-TUN old songs like if there was no Akanishi's voice if they had to sing it when they do live on TV or concert. It must be weird. And I was wrong! Totally wrong!

Last night, I watched KAT-TUN Countdown Live Concert. I ashamed I just know about this concert few day ago. I don't know why, out the blue I felt like I want to know more about KAT-TUN's new albums, new singles and their new songs after they remained 4 members. I want to catch up.
Thanks to one of KAT-TUN's very kind fans who shared the concert on her blog so I can watched it too. There was sad moment before the concert, when 4 remained members did the precon greeting. One by one talk about their feeling after 2 members left group. The most touching part was when Kazuya Kamenashi who sopke the last. His voice was heavy, held his breath all the times, tried to cover his emotion. He also apologized to fans because of all what happened in the past that made fans worried. It was like he tried hard not to break down because of deep emotion when he was about to mentioned Jin Akanishi and Kouki Tanaka were leaving group. And he also humbly asked their fans to keep support them four (members) as KAT-TUN. I was like, OMG! They must really had hard time during all those shocking moment. Fans support is what they needed a lot. And I really respect them because they keep struggling and move forward as KAT-TUN even though they had lost their two members. And I'm glad they keep use KAT-TUN as their group name even though two members are no longer with them. As we know KAT-TUN is an acronym based on the first letter of each member's family name. Kamenashi took the A (from Akanishi) become KAmenashi, Taguchi, Tatsuya Ueda took the T (from Tanaka), and Nakamaru to keep the acronym KAT-TUN.

Another part that was surprised me is when four of them sang their songs from old albums. They nailed it!! When they sang LIPS, Akanishi's part was covered by Kamenashi and Nakamaru, and at the song Keep The Faith was covered by Taguchi, Ueda and Nakamaru. All of them sang it without fail. I'm happy!! I'm sure they were really really work hard for that and I really really appreciate their hard work. I found myself enjoy watching their concert as same as before Akanishi and Tanaka left group. Even though I'm not familiar with their songs after Akanishi left, surprisingly I still like their music. Their songs are as good as before. Once I listen to their new songs, I like it immediately. KAT-TUN still rocks!! And I still love them all!! No matter Akanishi and Tanaka are there or not, KAT-TUN still KAT-TUN. And they keep work hard together to entertain their fans. Otsukaresama deshita KAT-TUN no minna san~~

What I write here is what I thought and what I felt recently. No judgement. From now on, I'll keep support KAT-TUN. No matter what, my heart keep going back to KAT-TUN. I still love them. I can't update of KAT-TUN news and info faster than other fans because I'm not join any KAT-TUN group community. I still have a lot to catch up. Actually, I used to have few close friends who was also KAT-TUN fans and we used share everything about KAT-TUN. But now they're leaving KAT-TUN fandom for various reason. And since I live far from Japan and my access to keep an update of KAT-TUN is limited, so I'll just try my best to catch up and to keep supporting them. I would be happy if there's any KAT-TUN fans who want to befriends with me. Yoroshiku ne~ (^___^)V




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